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Andrew Cushman

In 2007, Andrew Cushman did something crazy! He left his corporate job and start investing in real estate. With 24 successful single-family transactions under his belt, he moved into multifamily acquisitions, and has now syndicated and repositioned over 1600 units.

With a background in problem-solving, Andrew was able to transition well to investing. In Andrew’s words: You’re not an investor until you’ve taken action and get a deal.

He shares about the extreme persistence and creative tactics he used to land his first single-family and multifamily deals and then spills ALL of the details about HOW he successfully repositioned the multi-unit! He also shares what he looks for in a market and in a property, as well as a property management company.

Andrew is a book of knowledge on great tips for repositioning! Tons of useful tidbits packed into this show!

Top 10
-Engineers investing in real estate
-Paralysis by analysis
-You’re not an investor unit you do a deal
-Flipping houses
-College education doesn’t = real estate success
-Cold calling
-Recession resistant
-Raising money and over raising
-And much much more!

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Book Recommendations :

David Lindahl’s: Multifamily Millions

David Lindahl’s: Emerging Real Estate Markets

Dale Carnegie’s: How to Win Friends and Influence People

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