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How Marco Barbaro Leveraged His Whole Life Insurance Policy For Real Estate Investing

On this episode, Gino’s brother Marco Barbaro shares his success story on how he unlocked the cash value of his Whole Life Insurance Policy and started using it for real estate investing. Marco was a successful restaurant entrepreneur, but he wanted to achieve time and financial freedom, and he chose multifamily real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve those goals. Marco is now the Director-Marketing & Investor Relations at Sharpline Equity.

Key insights:

00:00 Introduction

01:15 How Marco began investing in Real Estate

02:24 Understanding the significance of personal finance and investing

05:15 One deal can change your life

09:35 Overcoming the limiting beliefs

11:10 Leveraging the cash value of his whole life insurance policy to invest in real estate

14:05 Top benefits of a whole life insurance policy

15:52 The quality of your life will depend on the choices that you make

16:22 Unlocking IRAs/401K for investing

18:52 Channelizing finances and tapping growth opportunities

20:41 Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

22:14 Having an abundance mindset

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