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How To Be More Decisive

We all need to make decisions each day in our lives. Some may impact us, and some may not. We are reluctant to make the decisions that can impact our lives, though we really do not know what that impact will be. Many times making significant decisions becomes a stressful exercise, while it should not.

In this episode, Julia and Gino Barbaro give you the framework to make any decision, especially the hard ones. They give you a glimpse into times of their own life when they, as a couple, needed to make decisions.  Decision making is a skill. You grow when you make decisions, and you create the framework of your value system every time you do.

The key takeaways from the Podcast include the following:

  • You need to have a growth mindset. Decisions may go wrong, but they bring with them the learning that will need you to make more decisions along the way.
  • You need to have a value-system when making decisions.
  • Emotions are not the sole factor to make any decision, it is just a part of it.
  • Get out of your own way. When you decide anything, take a tiny step towards it and keep moving forward.
  • Get information from those that matter to you that have related experience

The Multifamily Zone podcast was launched in 2019 to serve families and spouses who are committed to working together, building a better relationship with their kids, and strengthening the communication amongst the entire family.

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