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How To Start Real Estate Investing At An Early Age with Brittany Arnason

In this podcast, Jake and Gino interview Brittany Arnason, who is a commercial real estate investor and social media influencer. Brittany bought her first investment property when she was just 18 years old and has never looked back since then.

Age is just a number. When you win over your limiting beliefs, it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 81; anything is possible.

Brittany now uses her Instagram platform with more than 200k followers to educate and inspire new investors. In addition, Brittany is working with industry leaders to acquire the best deals and give access to passive investing opportunities to her network!

Some key insights from this podcast:

  • You can start with investing at any age. Starting early on can be an advantage.
  • Smart investing is key to growth, not smart expenditure. Save as much as possible and when you have enough, buy yourself an asset to cash flow
  • You cannot impart values to your kids by simply preaching, you need to be an example for them
  • Budgeting is the key to spending wisely
  • It is not a thing, unless you make it a thing. Anything is a blockage to your success only if you perceive it as one, otherwise there is none
  • It is consistency and authenticity that builds your brand on social media

Follow Brittany on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/investorgir… or @investorgirlbritt

Visit Brittany’s website https://brittanyarnason.com/

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