How to Un-Stuck Yourself

By Chris Jackson

Everybody gets stuck. Even after 10 years in this business I find myself getting stuck. Sometimes it’s getting stuck during a day or sometimes its stuck for a week or so.

Figuring out how to unstuck yourself is critical to maintaining progress and thus ultimately the goal, momentum which breeds confidence.

There are few types of stuck:

  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear
  • Lack of momentum

Let’s talk through each of these a bit.

Analysis Paralysis

There reaches a time where you have analyzed all the variables and its time for a yes or no. A yes or no does not always need to be yes or no-go on the entire project but analysis paralysis shows up even with a yes or no to take a small next step. In order to get over the analysis paralysis of deciding on yes or no to the next small step you need to just decide. If you are yes to move on, then move on. If in the end that yes to the next step was a mistake, then you deal with the mistake and make another decision of yes or no on the next step to get out of the mistake. One must learn to trust their decision making skills even after a mistake or else one becomes indecisive and never develops that decision making muscle. You must flex that muscle. Just make a decision.


Usually perfectionism is a mask for fear and insecurity. It must be perfect or else we are not launching or it must be perfect before we take that next step of yes or no (see above).  1 is great than 0, perfect is the enemy of progress. You have all heard these but remember them and know that perfectionism is the enemy of momentum.  (I am a bad writer. If I thought about making this article perfect before I sent it in it would never be written)


Fear usually causes indecisiveness and makes people stuck. Action, decision-making and lack of perfectionism kill fear. Fear will still exist but you learn to understand it as you push through and grow the decision making muscles. One learns to stack the bricks of confidence brick by brick for that big day in the future when you have reference points of your own decisions through fear that allow you to then make very big decisions.


Lack of momentum

Even if you are working through all the above you can still lose momentum. When you lose momentum, do anything to get it back. Wipe the whiteboard clean, call a friend, a mentor,  a colleague that will pump you up. Get into peak state and then do something difficult and ride the new momentum. Just take action in blocks to unstuck yourself and get that momentum back to get the flywheel going.

When you have identified in which way you are stuck you can begin to put an action plan in place to unstuck yourself. Oh, and by the way, you will always get back into a stuck state. By going back into stuck does not mean it does not work, you gotta just take action to unstuck. This is the work.

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