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Leveraging Life Insurance to Pay For College

“Optionality is priceless.” – Gino Barbaro

Gino talks with Kristin Colca about how to leverage permanent, cash value life insurance policies to pay for college education. Kristin is a 100 Year Team Member who specializes in helping her clients utilize the Dual Asset Strategy and has a daughter current in college. She tells her personal story of planning for her daughter’s college fund, and dives into comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the options available today.

Key Chapters:

 00:00 Introduction
 03:27 The different ways to save for and pay for college
 05:51 The limitations of different college funding options like a 529, prepaid tuition plans, or a traditional savings account.
 07:47 How choosing to leverage a cash value life insurance policy to pay for college can be a much better option
 10:17 You keep the control over the funds (and how they are spent) when you choose to leverage a life insurance policy, which is not always the case with other funding options
 14:27 Utilizing this same strategy to get into the real estate business – How REI’s can leverage our Dual-Asset Strategy
 20:40 “Optionality is priceless.”
 23:10 Wrap-up


MORE THAN JUST COLLEGE FUNDING: Did you know you cash leverage a cash value life insurance policy for things like vacations, cars, boats, RVs, weddings, and more?

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