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MFZ – Going All In on Personal Development To Strengthen Your Multifamily Business & Your Relationship

In this week’s podcast, Julia and Gino are joined by two Jake & Gino members named Anna & Fernando.

Anna & Fernando are active multifamily real estate investors and still have their day jobs as Process Engineers in the Oil & Gas industry. They met in, and graduated from the University of Florida in 2015 where they both studied Chemical Engineering. After graduating, they both worked as Process Engineers and Project Managers for a major Oil and Gas company in Texas.

It was during this time while living in Midland, Texas, that Anna & Fernando first realized the power of real estate investing when they ran and operated their first AirBnb property.

They ended up deciding to further their real estate holdings and joined the Jake & Gino community, and passively partnered on their first multifamily property.

Anna and Fernando share their story of trying to follow the F.I.R.E. method (Financial Independence Retire Early), but quickly realized that this method fostered a scarcity mindset because it made you focus only on trying to cut expenses and live within your means to save your way to retirement.  Once they joined the Jake & Gino community, they began to adopt an abundance mindset and dove in head first into personal development and growing their relationship.

They share the successes and struggles of working together and how it has brought them closer, and what has helped them work together with success.  Some of Anna’s tips on bettering your relationship:

  • Focus on yourself.
  • Try not to change the other person.
  • Become conscious of your actions.
  • Become introspective.
  • Choose who you want to become.
  • The responsibility of creating a great relationship lies within yourself.

We want to thank Anna & Fernando for sharing their story of personal development and how it has transformed their relationship. And we challenge like, like we did with Fernando and Anna, to focus on one good thing about your significant other.

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