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MNS – How to buy your first apartment complex at 23 with Eric Fitzgerald

Welcome to the Movers and Shakers Podcast. This week’s guest is Eric Fitzgerald.

Eric is a multifamily investor living and investing in Charlotte, North Carolina. His journey in real estate started in college, when two years into being a pre-med major, the reality set in that he would be in school until his late 20’s and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in debt. He switched his major to business and found the possibility of living a life by design through real estate by listening to podcasts, reading books, and diving into biggerpockets.com.

Eric then worked in two property management jobs during college to learn the business from the ground up, one near Philadelphia and one on his college campus. After graduating with a degree in Business Management, he moved to Charlotte, NC and is full-time in multifamily working as an Investment Associate, having underwritten over $300 Million worth of apartment communities for Humboldt Partners, a multifamily investment partnership in Charlotte. He has partnered with Humboldt Partners on his first multifamily deal, and is looking to continue to grow his own portfolio through JV partnerships in the Charlotte market.

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