Money Rules For Financial Freedom

This article outlines financial rules, presented by Gino Barbaro, to help you achieve financial freedom, using the concept of “Baby Money Soldiers.”

1. Take Control of Your Money:

  • Barbaro emphasizes the importance of creating a plan (spending plan) for your finances.
  • Track your income and expenses to understand your spending habits.

2. Save Money Regularly:

  • Develop a savings mindset. Start small, even with 1%, and gradually increase your savings rate.
  • Barbaro recommends saving 10% of your income towards a “Financial Freedom Account” meant for investments in assets.

3. Allocate Your Money Wisely:

  • Here’s a suggested breakdown of your income allocation:
    • 50% for Necessities (rent, food, etc.)
    • 10% for Luxuries (entertainment, vacations)
    • 10% for Charity (giving back)
    • 10% for Education (investing in your knowledge and skills)

4. Invest in Assets:

  • Invest your savings in assets that generate income or appreciate in value, building long-term wealth.

5. Pay Yourself First:

  • Increase your income and keep your living expenses the same. Allocate the extra income towards your Financial Freedom Account.


  • These are flexible guidelines. Adjust the percentages based on your circumstances.
  • Start small and be consistent. Gradually increase your savings rate as your income grows.

Take Action:

  • Visit for more resources on financial freedom and the Baby Money Soldiers concept.

Let’s Discuss:

  • What are your thoughts on Gino Barbaro’s approach?
  • Can you save 1% of your income? How can you get started?

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