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Purchasing Whole Life For My Kids

In this episode Gino Barbaro discusses why he purchased whole life policies for each of his six children. One day they will need a place to put their savings, and what better place than in a strategy with many benefits, that can growth tax-deferred, and with the ability to take money out in the future tax-free.

A whole life insurance policy on your child can be leveraged to pay for things like books, computers, college, starting a business (alternative to college), and even weddings.

As Nelson Nash talks about in his book Become Your Own Banker there is immense value in starting policies on children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as EARLY as possible.

How will your child’s health change over their lifetime? These policies are permanent, meaning guaranteed coverage for life.  Your child or grandchild will get a lifetime of life insurance protection, regardless of changes in their health or occupation- as long as premiums are paid.

If your kids have extra money from Christmas or part time jobs, they COULD be contributing to something long-term, that will teach them borrowing from yourself and paying yourself back.

This is the financial education your kids won’t get from school today.

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