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Why Values-Based Decision Making?

If you had to choose between opportunity and values, which would you choose?

Rick Sapio prefers to choose values. In this episode Rick, Gino, and Jake share their experience on how values-based decision making can change the outcomes in your business and personal life. They will give you the complete framework to discover which set of values resonates with your purpose in life. 

On this episode of The 100 Year Real Estate Investor, Jake and Gino talk with their 100 Year REI Co-Founder, Rick Sapio. Rick is a life-long entrepreneur who started his first company when he was 13 years old, and since then, he has founded more than 20 companies.

The key takeaways from this Podcast include the following:

  • The easiest thing to do in order to change outcomes in your business and your personal life is to have a well-thought set of values that help you take decisions.
  • Now, the biggest question is how to derive the core values and purpose in your life. Don’t miss on what Jake advises here.
  • It is imperative for you to take responsibility in your life.
  • Most people don’t lack motivation- they lack clarity.
  • Don’t get into the culture of victimhood and waste. Spend your time in enriching your mindset, setting goals that help you achieve your larger purpose and vision, and improving your productivity.

There is so much more – this podcast is an absolute ‘must-listen’ for you.

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– Jake & Gino

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