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A Journey from Single Family to Joint Ventures with Hendra and Mercy Tambunan

Gino Barbaro from Jake & Gino as he hosts a fascinating conversation with Hendra and Mercy Tambunan, successful entrepreneurs and multifamily real estate investors. As former high-level executives who’ve transitioned from the single-family space to the multifamily market, they share their unique journey, invaluable insights, and strategies that helped them achieve success.

In this episode, the Tambunans discuss how they leveraged their business acumen to navigate the multifamily space, and why they chose this route over franchise models. They shed light on the critical role mentorship, education, networking, and perseverance played in their multifamily journey. They also discuss their transition from syndication to joint ventures, emphasizing the importance of creating legacy wealth.

Gino dives into the importance of understanding your brand, balancing family and work, and effectively scheduling tasks for efficiency and success. The Tambunans further highlight the value of community, connection, and offering value to others in their real estate journey.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about multifamily real estate investing, acquiring assets, capital raising, asset management, and how to provide value in the multifamily space. Whether you’re stuck in single-family investments or looking for your next steps in multifamily, this episode is sure to provide you with the inspiration and motivation you need.

For more information, reach out to Hendra and Mercy Tambunan at 510-270-2920 or visit their website at ideaboxcapital.com. Be sure to subscribe to the Jake & Gino channel for more expert insights on multifamily real estate investing.

Get inspired by their story and learn how you too can transition successfully into the multifamily real estate investment space.

Show Highlights:

00:00 – Intro
01:01 – The Journey of Hendra & Mercy Tambunan
01:49 – Reservations from Transitioning to Multifamily from Single Family Investing
06:53 – The AHA moment | Mindest Change that Pushed Hendra and Mercy to Education
08:08 – Post Education Mindset and Realizations
09:46 – Mercy Transitioning from W2 to Full Time Entrepreneur
10:48 – The First Deal Breakdown – Mercy Tanbunam
12:36 – Overwhelming the Family with Investment Opportunities
14:01 – Other Lessons Learned on the First Deal
16:10 – Working Together as a Couple and Education Experience
19:35 – Have Hendra and Mercy Thought about Brand and Core Values?
21:46 – What does the Future Look Like for Hendra & Mercy Tambunan
22:54 – Where can we Contact Hendra and Mercy Tambunan?
23:28 – Gino Wraps It Up | Show Summary

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