Taking Advantage of the Market

Are you looking to invest in multifamily properties? Do you want to know the latest trends of the market? Then this video is a must-watch! 

Join our dynamic duo, Jake and Gino, as they chat with the ultimate property guru, Jay Parsons! As the SVP & Chief Economist for RealPage, Jay’s the go-to guy for mind-blowing insights into market trends and consumer behaviors. He’s a regular on the speaker circuit and has authored articles on everything from rental housing investment to risk mitigation, and property management. No biggie, right?

When he’s not hanging out with the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Jay’s busy getting quoted in The Financial Times, The Economist, and The New York Times. He’s even graced the screens of CNBC and BloombergTV! Talk about an all-star resume.

In this podcast, Jake and Gino talk with Jay on topics affecting multifamily apartments and single-family rentals, including rental housing investment and asset management strategy, rental housing policy issues, risk mitigation and property management.

Learn how to ride the wave of current market conditions and uncover the hotspots for investment!

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The contents of this video are for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be considered investment, financial, legal or tax advice. Jake and Gino are not licensed in the insurance or securities industries and is not in the business of selling, soliciting or negotiating the sale of any insurance contract, security or other investment vehicle.

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