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The Seven Pillars of Customer Success w/ Wayne McCulloch

On this episode, Jake and Gino are with Wayne McCulloch, who is one of the world’s leading customer service experts and a Top 100 Customer Success Strategist.

Wayne shares his top tips for delivering amazing customer service, including the importance of always putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. He talks about the right strategies that brands can adopt to create the customer success. He shares the insights from his book ‘The Seven Pillars of Customer Success’ and explains step by step framework for creating the value-system for the customers.

Wayne McCulloch works with Google Cloud’s entire SaaS portfolio as the Customer Success Leader. He’s a keynote speaker and the recipient of multiple industry awards with more than twenty-five years of experience in customer-focused roles.

Watch this video to learn how to take your customer service skills to the next level!

Key insights:
00:35 Introduction
02:55 Making customers successful
07:00 Guidelines to serve customers
11:54 Operationalizing: Doing the right thing for the customer at large scale
14:00 Onboarding process for customers
17:19 Values make people keep coming back
19:40 Adopting phase: Maximising the utility value
23:38 Retention: Value realization in present and future
28:06 80% of customers are motivated by privilege
34:02 Creating advocates for your brand
39:36 Best way to operationalize customer service component
41:44 Book recommendations
44:10 Wrap-up

For more information about The Seven Pillars, including downloadable templates and training and certification materials, visit www.cspillars.com

Check out the author’s best-selling book ‘The Seven Pillars of Customer Success’ on Amazon: https://rb.gy/q068a8

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