Vendor Listing

Welcome to our Rolodex Product!

Jake: We’re here to provide you with world class experts in multifamily investing.

Gino: This is lo-tech, this is the Jake and Gino Rolodex – Well this is behind the curtain, this is why you joined the Jake and Gino academy and became part of the Jake and Gino family. The Rolodex is OUR VENDORS – Vendors that we use EXCLUSIVELY. And we’re offering them to you! Whether it’s a broker, an insurance agent, a banker, even a laundry specialist. These are all the vendors we use in our syndication company in our property management company and we’re giving them to all of our students exclusively.

Jake: This is one of the most valuable things you’re gonna get out of the community, It took us years to build this up, and we’re constantly adding and removing people when they’re not performing so this is constantly updated.

Gino: and If you have any questions for us please, reach out to me at! Lets make all of our businesses rock!