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WBP – 5 Year Anniversary Episode with Jake and Gino

5 years ago, Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro started the Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. Since then they’ve written two books (Wheelbarrow Profits & The Honey Bee), started multiple companies, risen to 1600 units and launched three additional weekly podcasts. On this very special 5 Year Anniversary episode, the guys talk about how they committed to a podcast that would provide actionable content and using that platform to not only become better at what they do, but spread the word to other like-minded people. Jake & Gino reminisce about past episodes and some of their favorite guests over the years. They also discuss how they’ve created a brand, some of the technical issues they’ve faced as well as the mistakes they’ve made over the years. The guys go over the credibility the podcast has brought to their deals as well as the impact it has had on them, their listeners and their students.

The Rundown

Commit & Figure It Out
The Shows Impact On Us
Multifamily is a Team Sport
Past Guests
Making Mistakes
Technical Issues
Core Values
Wheelbarrow Profits
Impact on Listeners
Cost Segregation
Having Fun
Live Events
4 Weekly Podcasts
Creating a Brand
Our Favorite Episodes
Actionable Content
Becoming Better

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