WBP – Everything In Life Is A Sell with Benjamin Inman

Benjamin Inman

Inman has over 18 years of experience working in many facets of the Real Estate Industry. He is the Managing Member, Inman Equities, LLC / EQUIS Residential, with offices in Nashville, TN., Atlanta, GA. and West Palm Beach, FL.

Through various partnerships he acquires assets with 100-200+ units per asset acquisition and ~1,000 unit portfolios throughout the Southeast. As the Managing Member at Inman Equities, LLC he partners with and assists select Family Office clients with Real Estate Investment Banking, Advisory, Research, Forecasting, Single Asset and Portfolio Acquisitions throughout the Southeast United States.

He speaks with the guys about working with Cardone Capital, markets and partnerships.


The Rundown




Grant Cardone

Selling Yourself


Commit First


Strategic Partnerships

Track Record

Deal Size

Seller Financing

Knowing A Market



Raising Capital

Every Deal Is Different

Cultivating Investors

Future Predictions

Starting Somewhere

Habits for Success



Book Recommendations

Action Steps

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