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WBP – How To Develop Growth Mindset with Jake and Gino

In this episode, Jake and Gino share the key events in their apartment investing journey that started from 0 to 1,600+ apartments as of now and enabled several students add more than 12,000 apartments to their respective portfolios.

Success leaves clues, that is what Jake and Gino believe and they do not shy away from sharing their learning and experiences with anyone who wants to invest in apartments. It is not very difficult to lose capital in real estate investing if one is not educated and does not acquire the key skills and network that help take the right decisions.

At the same time, with the right mentors and support from the like-minded investor community, one can not only develop passive source of income but build generational wealth.

This podcast is meant for those who want to develop growth mindset and create their own story, with the time and financial freedom they deserve.

Visit https://jakeandgino.com/ to learn more.

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