WBP – The Wealth Roadmap with Jake & Gino

wealth roadmap


The 10 steps to creating wealth:

  • Produce at your W2 job or business to earn & save money.  Save your additional income to invest.
  • Begin to educate on investing & changing the mindset (Education X Action = Results).
  • Join mastermind groups, communities & attend events.
  • Become a producer, not a consumer.
  • Purchase assets that produce a yield.
  • Get into a better tax position.
  • Reinvest the yield into other assets. (Refi & Roll)
  • Pay off all personal debt to create snowball.
  • Keep snowball rolling & move to fulfill soul purpose.
  • Give back.


  1. Create home budget.
  2. Plan your weeks.
  3. Create yearly goals.
  4. Put aside emergency fund of $1,000.
  5. Put aside 3-6 months of income.
  6. Properly insure yourself. Insure for the catastrophic, not the consequential.  Look at all coverages, and your investments to make sure you are maximizing them.
  7. Take control of your credit score.

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