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WBP – Why “That’s Right” is Better than “Yes” with Brandon Voss

Since Black Swan’s inception in 2008, Brandon has established assessment procedures for new clients that take their needs, situations, and corporate culture into account so Black Swan’s approach can be customized to each client.
Brandon is the thought leader at Black Swan regarding negotiator types. He has made it his mission to teach clients how to identify the basic types of negotiators and has developed a methodology for dealing with each type in the most successful way.

Brandon’s background is in sales. He has done retail sales for Macy’s and business-to-business sales for Verizon. Based on his extensive experience with various selling approaches he has been instrumental in adapting the FBI hostage negotiation techniques to the business world. Realizing that the timetable is different in the business world than in high-stakes hostage situations, he created the “Short Game” – a needs assessment procedure that helps in the critical discovery process phase of negotiation.

In addition to training clients, Brandon has guest lectured at USC Marshall School of Business, Georgetown McDonough School of Business and organizations like Policy Innovators in Education.

He speaks with us about Ego, being prepared and common pitfalls in negotiation.


The Rundown

Black Swan Group
Getting Started
Personal Bias
Blind Corners
Starting With A No
Knocking On Doors
Mitigating Negatives
Fixing Problems
3 Types of Negotiators
Analysis Paralysis
Being Likable
Thorough Explanation
Trust Based Influence
Common Ground
Tactical Empathy
Cognitive Empathy
Common Goals
Kid Gloves
That’s Right
Continue To Learn
Smooth The Edges
Men Need The Help
Never Split The Difference
Getting More
Taking Action

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