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What Are The Wealthy Doing That You Are Not | The Greatest Advice You Will Ever Receive

On this episode, Jake and Gino reveal how the top 1% wealthy people in the world create and manage their wealth.

Key Insights

  • Learn how to mitigate your risks. Some of the risks, such as economic and political risks, would be out of your control while some would still be very much under your control. These could be related to the investment or business operations.
  •  Learn how the wealthy manage their assets. Overcome your limiting beliefs and strive to adopt the mindset that can help you get into that ‘1%’ wealth zone. In short, don’t think and act like the 99% of the people in the world.
  •  Think long-term. Any investment channel, such as real estate, with sound fundamentals take time to grow and that is why it is stable, consistent and enriching. Stay away from get rich quick schemes. If your portfolio is dominated by volatile assets, such as stocks or crypto, you can’t expect stable, predictable growth.
  • Check out how Dual Asset Strategy can help you build generational wealth while providing consistent cashflow and the satisfaction and security of owning tangible assets.

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