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Setting Rents

Setting Rents for the New Year

The art of raising rents is a difficult one to master for newbie investors. The fear of creating a vacancy or offending a tenant is unbearable for most new landlords. It is a touchy dilemma. You are directly impacting the quality of a tenant’s life when you increase the rent, but you are also affecting […]

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How to avoid Toxic Clients with Garrett Sutton

Garrett Sutton, Esq. is a nationally acclaimed corporate attorney and asset protection expert, who has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. Garrett’s best sellers include: Start Your Own Corporation, Writing Winning Business Plan, The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt, Run Your Own Corporation, Buying & Selling a Business and Loopholes of […]

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Multifamily Mind over Matter or Multifamily Grinding and Growing

What are you trying to achieve? In this episode Jake and Gino take a deep dive in their business model. From the beginning they wanted to create generation wealth and passive income. They also discuss the “buy and hold” model and how getting started is 90% mental and 10% mechanical. Are you ready to jump […]

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