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17 January 2023

How To Get Into Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

A syndication is simply a partnership between a group of investors pooling their resources into a…

11 January 2023

Breaking Down IRR in Real Estate

By Ryan Voccia (J&G Student Since March 2020) If you invest $50,000 into a real estate deal that goes on to produce $90,000 of income

4 January 2023

Is College worth the Return on Investment?

For those of you contemplating college as the next step in your life, it will be one of the most important decisions you will

31 October 2022

How To Acquire Wealth [Step-By-Step Guide]

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money

8 September 2020

MNS – Building a Successful Multi-Family Business with Jake Stenziano

Today’s Guest of Movers & Shakers is Jake Stenziano. In this episode Josh & Gino cover: Being able to choose a profession based on…

3 July 2019

Start Building Your Dream & Own Your Story

By Jadde Rowe, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “This is my two-week notice.” I could not believe these words were coming from my…

8 May 2019

Know Can Do!

How You Can Make Education * Action = ResultsA Reality In Your Life One of the huge mysteries for most coaches and teachers is “Why does one student excel with the education provided, while another student struggles and loses interest in the subject?” After reading Know Can Do, I am a lot closer to understanding how…

30 April 2019

5 Things Quitting (One) of My Jobs Allowed Me To Do

By Aaron Nelson, Jake & Gino member since 2018 At 4 pm on Friday, April 12, I turned off my company-provided laptop and let out a big sigh of relief. Three weeks prior, I had put in notice to resign from my 40 hour per week W2 job as a pharmacist, and my last day…

27 November 2018

Never Lose A Customer Again By Joey Coleman

Customer service is often overlooked in the mom and pop business, and my restaurant in New York was no exception. If I had read…

8 April 2018

Why You Need To Hire A Laundry Provider For Your Multifamily Property

64 Unit Case Study: “Twin Oaks” In this article, I have teamed up with Jake & Gino team member and laundry expert…

1 March 2018

Leveling the playing field with Brian Dally

Brian Dally is the CEO of GROUNDFLOOR, a company that specializes in the process of taking private lending public, where both accredited and non-accredited…

21 February 2018

The Go-Giver By Bob Burg & John David Mann

One of the huge benefits of hosting a weekly podcast is that you are able to ask successful entrepreneurs what books have had a…

1 February 2018

Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

If you are investing in real estate, chances are that you have heard the name Dean Graziosi. Dean has been investing in real estate…

14 December 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Tax Free Wealth By Tom Wheelwright

Tax Free Wealth: A must read for all business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand tax laws and utilize them to their advantage.…

20 September 2017

The Millionaire Fastlane By MJ DeMarco

Have you ever started reading a book that made you feel uncomfortable and pushed you to reassess your business or your life? When I…

19 September 2017

The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs By Hal Elrod and Cameron Herold

I was introduced to the Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs from a highly successful podcast guest, and I wasted no time in ordering my copy.…

23 August 2017

Wealth Can’t Wait By David Osborn and Paul Morris

David and Paul have teamed up to write the book Wealth Can’t Wait to share their decades of wealth building experience with any entrepreneur…

17 August 2017

How to Increase Performance Dramatically with Positive Self-Concept

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you excel at certain tasks in life and fail miserably at others? Is it luck, experience, a…

3 August 2017

The Multifamily Syndication Process with John Cohen

John Cohen is multifamily investor from Queens NY. He is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Toro Real Estate Partners, including strategic direction of…

31 July 2017

Three Types of People Every Entrepreneur Needs On His Or Her Team

I have been blessed the past couple of months to be able to interview some inspiring entrepreneurs on the Wheelbarrow Profits podcast, and I’ve…

22 July 2017

5 Great Empowering Questions To Ask When You’re Stuck

Have you ever been cruising through life, when all of a sudden, you hit a wall? I experienced this feeling of being stuck shortly…

The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing By Ken McElroy

If you are seriously considering to transition into multifamily investing, the first book you should read is The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy.…

16 June 2017

Your Multifamily Investing Questions Answered

As investors and educators, Jake & I fall into the trap of thinking that we know what our member’s pain points are. The only…

10 February 2017

Unconventional Wealth

Mike’s book resonated with me on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. His journey and mine have taken similar paths,…

8 February 2017

Building Your Real Estate Empire While Working 9-5

There are countless reasons for individuals to begin investing in real estate. The most common reason that I hear from my students is they…

25 January 2017

Setting Rents for the New Year

The art of raising rents is a difficult one to master for newbie investors. The fear of creating a vacancy or offending a tenant…

24 January 2017

Afformations: The Miracle of Positive Self Talk By Noah St. John

Noah St. John, known for inventing Afformations, is another example of a person who turned disappointment and failure into triumph and success. He was…

17 January 2017

Why Multifamily Units are Crushing the Market

How to Use The Four Market Phases To Buy Right Have you noticed all the real estate television shows are focused solely on fixing…

12 January 2017

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill published his amazingly popular book back in 1937, and the message is just as relevant today as it was back then. It…

11 January 2017

15 Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Multifamily Property

The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the expenses, which will affect the…

4 January 2017

A Property Inspection: How To Use One To Your Advantage and Why You Need To Perform One

Two of the most important, yet often overlooked words in investing are “Due Diligence”. To the savvy investor, due diligence is the period of…

6 December 2016

Why You Should Spend Money For Your Real Estate Education

I attribute all of my success in the real estate space to receiving a thorough education through mentors, coaches and training programs. The education…

10 June 2016

The $1,600,000 Climb To The Top

When Jake and I purchased Park Place apartments, we knew that the property was underperforming and we had a terrific opportunity to “force” the…

25 May 2016

Our 13 Biggest Mistakes Investing to 675 Units in Real Estate

And How You Can Avoid Them One of the major foundation principles that I learned while attending IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)…

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