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Creating $2 Million in Generational Wealth Using The Dual Asset Strategy

Hear how Tim Austin turned $290K into over $2Million utilizing the Dual Asset Strategy and investing in real estate. Tim also dives into creating a buy/sell agreement in your business.

Tim Co-Founded the popular Bank On Yourself strategy and has worked with 100 Year REI Co-Founder Teresa Kuhn for over two decades.

Key Insights:

00:00 The Mindset of a building a Strong Financial Foundation

03:10 Mindset is everything

04:35 Money is a terrible Master but an excellent Servant

06:34 Is your money working hard for you?

08:10 100 Year Investor Mindset

09:03 4 things to remember about long-term financial security

12:15 Impact of decisions you make today on your future

16:00 Taking responsibility for your financial future

17:29 Accessing cash in a safe tax-favored environment

21:09 Multiple ways you can leverage a whole life policy

24:40 Identifying growth opportunities

26:51 Finding a secure way to protect your financial future

28:50 Personal responsibility is the key to happiness and self-freedom

Check out the podcast to learn how you can create generational wealth and protect your family’s future by using the Dual Asset Strategy.

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