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Empowering Women in Real Estate Investing | The Jake and Gino Show ft. Liz Faircloth

In this episode of the Jake and Gino show, we are joined by special guest Liz Faircloth, CEO of Investor Community and co-founder of the DeRosa Group. Liz shares her journey in real estate investing, as well as the importance of empowering women to live a financially free and balanced life. We discuss her book, “Only Woman in the Room,” and the unique qualities women bring to the world of investing. Discover why Liz believes collaboration and a conservative approach to investing can lead to better results for women in real estate.

00:00 – Intro
01:01 – Why women make great investors and their unique qualities.
03:34 – The journey of Liz Faircloth in real estate investing.
06:12 – What Inspired You to Start The Investor Community Platform?
10:49 – How Did Liz Find Her Partner?
15:17 – The upcoming Invest-Her conference and its theme of generational wealth
20:35 – How Have You Been Able To Scale?
22:58 – Liz Shares Some of the Struggles Women Face in Multifamily
25:27 – How Can Realiotrs Become Investors?
29:24 – Mindset and Paradigm Shifts
32:39 – What are the Next Steps to Get Started In Multifamily?
35:19 – Get Ahold of Liz Faircloth
37:06 – Wrap Up.

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