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How Mina Leveraged the Dual Asset Strategy for Multifamily Real Estate Investing | A Testimonial

In this episode, our Co-Founder Teresa Kuhn talks with Mina Rickey, a multifamily real estate investor and member of the Jake and Gino Community. They discuss her recent appreciation for her 100 Year life insurance policy after experiencing significant volatility with her other investments, including crypto.

So many times, investors make decisions because they have this urgent need to create wealth, but the decisions they make are not always in the best long-term interest of what they are trying to create.

Emergency mode makes us create shortcut, BUT- we must be more intentional, more informed, and make better decisions with our end goals at the front of our minds. (We call this a 100 Year Mindset)

More About Mina: Not only was Mina able to begin multifamily investing and land acquisition full-time recently, she also just launched her own podcast called SuRazón, where she shares business mindset, structure, and strategy, all in Spanish. Mina has learned so much by plugging into her network, and she wants to share this information with the world, but doesn’t often find this information available in Spanish. This inspired her to launch SuRazón, which you can check out here: https://surazon.com/

Key Moments:

00:00 Introduction
03:10 Why do you want specially designed 100 Year life insurance policies?
06:20 Mina’s experience with investing in crypto currency
09:25 Two main emotions affecting your financial decisions – FEAR and GREED
12:12 Recession-proofing your money and your savings
15:00 What made Mina switch towards a 100 Year Mindset and start her policy?
20:19 Value and education from Jake and Gino Community

BONUS Resources:

Check out what other REIs have to say about using their 100 Year Life Insurance Policies here: https://100yearrei.com/testimonials/

NEXT Step:

Learn more on why should add a cash value Life Insurance Policy to your financial plan. Get in touch with our Team here: https://100yearrei.com/callnow/

About The 100 Year Real Estate Investor

The Whole Life Insurance Policies offered by the 100 Year Real Estate Investor are specially-designed. This means they work harder toward achieving your financial objectives, no matter what they may be. Check out this blog for 7 facts about our specially-designed strategies that may not be true about typical whole life policies: https://100yearrei.com/7-facts-about-specially-designed-whole-life-policies/

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