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“Long-Termism” with Gino Barbaro

On this episode, Jake and Gino talk about the concept of “Long-Termism” and what it means to have a long-term mindset around your personal financial planning. Long term financial planning can pay you back in the form of legacy wealth and skills. It is about values that you carry with you, that guide you to reach your financial goals.

What you want to avoid is the opposite- the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome.’ This short-term mindset neither lets you think in terms of legacy wealth nor lets you become the master of any trait. Age doesn’t matter but mindset does in long-term-ism.

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Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Long-Termism demands you to take responsibility for your financial legacy
03:51 Education x Action= Results
06:30 Take care of yourself first, to have impact on others
09:01 Having a long-term mindset in multifamily real estate business
13:00 Shiny Object Syndrome
15:33 Age doesn’t matter, but mindset does matter
18:20 Acquire legacy skills
19:20 Wrap-up

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