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WBP – Making It Stick with Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff who is one of the world’s leading experts on sales, raising capital, and negotiation, having spoken at companies like Google,Xerox, and Cisco on these subjects. His
first book, Pitch Anything, is considered “required reading” throughout Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the Fortune 500, with more than one million copies in print worldwide.

He has written for Harvard Business Review, Inc., Advertising Age, and Entrepreneur and has been featured in hundreds of periodicals, podcasts, and blogs. Previously, Oren was at Geyser Capital Markets, where he led more than 120 private finance engagements, that raised more than $500M in capital for acquisitions. Oren has a 360 degree view of how a company can maximize value for its shareholders via raising capital, selling their company, and / or growth via acquisition. Industry experience includes:  healthcare (IT, services), media, technology, financial services and consumer products. Representative engagements below: Prior to joining Intersection Capital, Oren worked as a financial analyst for a private investment firm in Southern California. Oren also worked in a corporate development capacity for Newtel Capital Partners, a Southern California-based operator of manufacturing centers for whom he identified and assessed acquisition targets. He speaks with us about the Flash Roll, Syndication and Swearing.


Gino Reviews Orens Book: https://jakeandgino.com/flip-the-script-book-review/


Orens Last Appearance: https://youtu.be/XYybxIO7abM


The Rundown

Pitch Anything
The Return of Oren
Deal Making
Make It Stick
How Do We Move Forward
Version 0
F*ck You (your name here)
Raising The Stakes
Have An Agenda
Raising Capital for Real Estate
Rolling Start
Flash Roll
Closing Floor
RE Syndication
Social Reciprocation
Show Me
My Cousin Vinny
Speak The Language
Drum Solo
The Mechanic
Exit Cap Rates
Pre-Wired Ideas
Playing Games
Maintaining Discipline


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