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10 reasons we buy multifamily homes – Special edition with Jake and the G-Daddy

In this episode of Wheelbarrow Profits by Jake and Gino, we take a deep dive into why we do what we do, buy multifamily homes, successfully investing in real estate and build wealth! We will share with you precisely what we look for with potential deals, and when we buy Mom & Pop apartments. As well, we will go into detail on how we are finding the best deals, where to look for them and what tools we used to get some of the best investing partners and team for our business.

If there is any podcast episode to listen to when looking for actionable content and tools for growing your multifamily real estate business, this one is it.

Finally we cover our top ten reasons for investing in multifamily and a ton of content specific for new and experienced real estate investors!

If you’re new to Jake and Gino, or are thinking about checking out any of our in-depth courses for real estate investors, you will thoroughly enjoy this podcast on the 10 reasons why we buy multifamily homes.

In this episode about how we buy multifamily homes, you will discover:

  • Multifamily Return on Investment
  • Forced appreciation
  • Equity through leverage
  • Tax advantages through depreciation
  • How to hedge against inflation
  • Scalability and growing your portfolio
  • Economies of scale
  • How to improve your local community in a big way
  • Refi and Roll to wealth building and financial independence
  • And much more!

Jake and Gino, Multifamily Real Estate Investment Strategy

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