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Accessing Capital with Scott Maurer

Scott Maurer is the Director of Business Development at Advanta IRA and during today’s show Scott explains how to use self-directed IRAs to invest in multifamily assets! The facts and figures in this episode will both surprise you and keep you riveted!
Scott covers all of the benefits and details how easy it is to use a self-directed IRA as an investment vehicle. He also touches on the regulations related to how you can leverage the money in your IRA. Scott describes how critical it is (as a syndicator) to share with potential investors that they can use their IRA to invest in the deal – this option has generated tens of millions of additional dollars raised for deals!

We are so happy to have Scott Maurer joining us at our live event on October 6th-7th in Nashville, TN!

Top 10 -Raising money
-Retirement funds for real estate
-Personal finance
-Forgotten money
-Taking ownership for your future
-Self directed IRA’s
-And much more!

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Contact Scott:
Email: smaurer@advantaira.com
Phone: 800-425-0653 ext. 1123

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