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Busting Life Insurance Lies

In this episode, Kristin Colca and Teresa Kuhn join us for a myth-busting session on the top misconceptions around permanent life insurance, and key considerations for making the right decision for your situation.

We believe that life insurance is not an emotional decision, but a sound risk management decision, which provides protection and opportunity for the future.

Our Team is here to help clear your doubts and provide knowledge that will enable you to understand the value it offers in the long run.

Don’t let the many myths in the insurance market affect your buying decision. Instead, talk to a licensed agent about your specific case.

Key Insights:
00:00 Introduction
02:15 When the policyholder dies, does the insurer keep the cash value and only pay out the death benefit?
05:49 What happens if the insured is unable to pay the life insurance premium?
09:15 Does only the bread winner need to have a permanent life insurance?
11:38 Are permanent life insurance policies for children recommended or beneficial?
18:00 Teresa’s personal experience leveraging a whole life policy for her son to start a business
20:20 Do insurance agents make big commissions on life insurance policy sales?


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About The 100 Year Real Estate Investor

The Whole Life Insurance Policies offered by the 100 Year Real Estate Investor are specially-designed. This means they work harder toward achieving your financial objectives, no matter what they may be. Check out this blog for 7 facts about our specially-designed strategies that may not be true about typical whole life policies: https://100yearrei.com/7-facts-about-specially-designed-whole-life-policies/

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