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From Construction To Multifamily – Creative Application of Jake & Gino’s 3 | Movers and Shakers

Gino Barbaro, multifamily investor, educator, and co-founder of Jake and Gino, engages in an inspiring conversation with our special guest, Cesar Trujillo.

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Movers and Shakers podcast! In this episode, Gino Barbaro, multifamily investor, educator, and co-founder of Jake and Gino, engages in an inspiring conversation with our special guest, Cesar Trujillo.

Cesar, a seasoned entrepreneur, shares his transformative journey from the construction industry to multifamily real estate investing. After joining Jake and Gino in 2022, Cesar has made significant strides, now owning a sixplex and a commercial lot featuring a house and a liquor store, all paid in cash. His story is a testament to the power of strategic thinking and leveraging the right opportunities.

Episode Highlights:

00:02 – Gino introduces Cesar and sets the stage for the discussion.
00:42 – Cesar reflects on his transition from the construction industry to multifamily real estate.
01:25 – The importance of planning for retirement and the decision to invest in multifamily properties.
02:54 – Challenges in partnerships and the value of aligning goals and values.
05:18 – Cesar’s pivotal moment of clarity and decision-making.
08:20 – The strategic pivot from considering a trucking business to acquiring a painting company.
14:08 – How multifamily investment principles helped Cesar in purchasing a new business.
19:20 – The role of branding and marketing in Cesar’s business strategy.
23:12 – Cesar shares the details of his company and how to reach him.
27:19 – Plans for expanding the business and creating multiple revenue streams.
32:40 – The critical importance of education in real estate investing.
34:41 – Final thoughts and invitation to future Movers and Shakers events.

Visit Cesar’s Website: mclaughlinca.com
Contact Cesar: 559-960-7502

Join us as we delve into Cesar’s journey, filled with insights, challenges, and triumphs, revealing the transformative power of real estate investment and entrepreneurial resilience. Don’t forget to subscribe for more inspiring stories and real estate investment tips!

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