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How to Disrupt Multifamily Syndications and Crowd Fund for Your Deals

In this episode Darren Powderly (co-founder of crowdstreet.com) shares his innovate platform on raising money for your multifamily deals. Darren is a wealth of knowledge since he brings a real estate and tech background to the table. If you are considering raising money for you deals, you don’t want to miss this episode.

In the this episode you will discover:

-Crowdstreets platform for raising money
-White label software to manage investors (investor portal)
-A better way to syndicate
-Why competition leads to a better market place
-Why this type of investing is great for the INVESTOR
-Supplemental financing
-Grow or die (skate or die was a great Nintendo game)
-Crowdstreets deal approval process
-Investment criteria
-And much much more!


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