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Explaining the iFlex Strategy w/ John Shedenhelm and Teresa Kuhn

On this episode, Gino discusses dives into personal financial engineering with two Members of the 100 Year Team, Teresa Kuhn and John Shedenhelm. They discuss a strategy which until now, has only been available to the extremely wealthy (those with a net worth >$15M). For the first time, the 100 Year Team is able to deploy a similar strategy called the iFlex Strategy which can be leveraged by those people with a net worth below $15M, and is being called the next generation of permanent life insurance.


  • Diversification of Risk
  • Tier 1 Asset (Tier 1 capital represents a bank’s highest quality capital because it is fully available to cover losses)
  • Non-Correlated to Wall-Street
  • Potential Double-Digit Rate of Return
  • Tax-Free Cash Flow
  • Higher Tax-Free Death Benefit
  • Liquidity through Access to Line of Credit
  • Can Leverage Current Policies

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction

02:56 The strategies used by the most wealthy people and how we make similar methods available to you

03:30 What is arbitrage?

04:35 Why do banks lend 100% money for whole life insurance?

07:36 Using whole life insurance policy as a collateral

09:29 Parking of tier-1 capital in life insurance

11:12 Taking advantage of insurability limits

13:15 What is a “good debt”?

16:23 A Case Study: Real Estate Investor

18:30 How to use the iFlex Strategy to maximize returns and minimize taxation

For more information on these iFlex Strategy Case Studies and how we go to these numbers, click here to learn more: https://100yearrei.com/the-iflex-strategy/

NEXT Step: 

If you want to learn more on why should add a permanent cash value Whole Life Insurance Policy to your financial plan (and even the plan for your children), get in touch with our Team here: https://100yearrei.com/callnow/   

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