Five Keys to Helping Your Kids Connect Well with Others W/ Author Dewey Wilson

On this episode, Julia and Gino Barbaro interview Dewey Wilson, the co-author of “The Relationally Intelligent Child: Five Keys to Helping Your Kids Connect Well with Others”.

The Relationally-Intelligent Child teaches parents the crucial insights of a must grasp concept: relational intelligence. This tool for growth and connection will not only change a child’s life, but also a parent’s own relationships. You’ll discover five key elements that can engage and equip your child with skills for being relationally intelligent with family, friends, and others.

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction to the Multifamily Zone podcast
01:03 Introduction to the Guest: Dewey Wilson
01:34 The essence of human relationships
03:35 Shaping up your family life
04:10 What is ‘Relational Intelligence’?
09:45 IQ is overrated
10:55 If you are in stress, it impacts your children too
13:10 Parents always their children and it is important to express that 17:00 The five elements of Relational Intelligence
26:03 Parenting is always a work-in-progress
30:43 Communication between parents and kids
33:00 Difference between listening and hearing
36:25 What is meant by wise decision-making
40:18 Future-focused service, from entrepreneurial standpoint
42:05 Lack of empathy
43:54 Finding out “What are you created for”
48:06 Sum-up

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