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From Negative Networth To Financial Freedom w/ Bryce Robertson

Even though he started out with a negative net worth and only $2,000, Bryce Robertson went on to achieve financial, time, and location freedom in a short period of just 2.5 years. Bryce brings an inspirational story of entrepreneurship, determination and will power to the show this week as he sits down with Jake & Gino to discuss his journey.

Bryce is the host of two hit podcast shows, the Freedom Hack Radio podcast and Financial Freedom Mastery podcast. He writes articles for BiggerPockets, leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle focused on investing to create freedom, and wrote a best-selling book titled “10,000 Miles to the American Dream.”

One thing they all agree on:

We believe investments should perform well during good economic times, and even better during down economic times.

Key Insights:
00:00 Introduction
01:01 TWO PATHS: University Education vs. Entrepreneurship
05:32 What does financial freedom look like for YOU? Do you have a wealth roadmap?
11:33 Structuring deals in the current economic environment (up or down)
15:04 The Epiphany for Bryce
22:14 Creating wealth for the team and getting financially rich for the long-term
30:14 To Be Honest (A book authored by Ron A. Carucci) 
32:20 Jake & Gino’s acquisition strategy and evaluating risk
35:25 Wrap-up  

Check out Bryce’s website: https://investcultiv8.com/

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Bonus resources: For more on this topic, check out this video to hear Jake and Gino dive into the 100 Year Roadmap, and talk about their experiences using its seven-step process to create generational wealth and track their success: 


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