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Hone Your Negotiation Skills With Derek Gaunt

Deep listening is key to better negotiations. There are five layers to listening! Listening at level five is hard work. Check out why?

In this episode, Jake and Gino talk with Derek Gaunt. Derek is a lecturer, author of Ego, Authority, Failure©, and trainer with 29 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which as a team member, leader and then commander of hostage negotiations teams in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is a hostage negotiation and incident command subject matter expert who frequently speaks at hostage negotiations and SWAT conferences across the country.

The key takeaways include the following:

  • Keep a check on your Ego! If it is not monitored and it is tied to negative emotions, it can derail anything that you do. It can be relationships, business deals and more.
  • Promote emotional quotient at your workplace. Engage your employees and develop a better work environment.
  • Leadership is about making others lead. If you keep your employees engaged and motivated, they will do what needs to be done without you telling them so.
  • Deep listening is key to better negotiations. There are five layers to listening. Listening at level five is hard work.
  • Listen to the podcast for more such golden nuggets on negotiations, solution-oriented approach, setting goals and much more.

Book recommendation: The Complete Autobiographies of Frederick Douglass

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