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How Dan Martell Can Help You Buy Back Your Time! | The Jake & Gino Podcast

At 15 Dan got in big trouble with the law and ended up in juvenile hall. He had a mindset change upon leaving the hole after 3 days when a prison guard sat him down and asked some hard questions. He had another mindset shift when he was in adult prison at 17. He found a java booklet and started coding. This moment spoke to him because he felt accomplished and felt a kinship with computer languages. This boosted his self esteem and essentially became his new addiction, replacing the wrong things w/ the right ones.

Dan talks about dealing with chaos when he was young, he attributes his ability to deal with uncertainty to going through these tough times when he was young.
Jake & Gino talk to Dan about children and raising them. They talk about letting their kids fail and letting them build character.

Dan is the master of the money mindset. In Dan Martell’s book: The Buy Back Principal talks about the idea of First Principles (something Elon Musk has talked about) which is a physics problem of distilling complex problems down to their first principles, this makes him incredibly efficient with his time. It teaches how to value their time, the 3 money traits, The Buy Back Principle states that we don’t hire people to grow our business we pay people to buy back our time.

Gino applies the ideas in Dan’s book to his restaurant business and says that when he read the book he wanted to throw up. He wished he had had real estate coaching back then. If he had these realizations back in New York while slaving away over dirty dishes he could have outsourced tasks that sucked energy from him. Moving from the scarcity mindset where he hoarded money to the Abundance mindset which allowed him to buy back his time, and realize that money is just a medium of exchange, and simply numbers.

Dan suggests that not only is money a medium of exchange but if it can be used to transfer tasks that suck energy then it can also be considered a medium to transfer energy. If he can delegate tasks he dislikes to others it can give him time to focus on tasks that he enjoys giving him more energy for spreading good through the world and in this way it can be a force for improving the world.

Dan and Jake share tips on how to manage people and what types of people bring solutions and energy to a business and what types of people to avoid. There is so much value packed into this episode I could write a book on it. I urge you to give it a listen, but be ready to break out your pencils because you’ll want to take notes!

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00:00 – Intro
01:16 – Guest Intro
01:19 – Were You Addicted to Chaos?
01:22 – Could Kids Benefit from Finding Their Own Way?
01:26 – Children’s Choices.
01:28 – What Can We Do To Help At Risk Children?
01:45 – What is the Buy Back Rate Formula?
01:51 – What is Post Traumatic Growth Disorder
01:56 – Top 3 Buy Backs for Starters
02:03 – Best Habit for Success
02:06 – Book Recommendations
02:07 – Best Places to Find the Book
02:08 – Wrap Up

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