How To Transform Your Baby Money Soldiers into a Strong Financial Army

In this week’s podcast, Jake and Gino talk about redeploying and multiplying your baby money soldiers, to take your personal financial engineering plan to the next level. Gino shares how he was able to make a collective impact on his personal finances, as well creating a social impact through new ways of utilizing baby money soldiers. 

Get an inside look at how you can use your money to create positive changes and achieve more, financially and socially. Learn tips and tricks on how to save, grow and get more while still making an impact, so you never have to choose between the two. Explore how you can use your baby money soldiers as a tool for good. Don’t miss out – watch now and discover the power of personal savings!

Key Insights:

00:00 Intro

01:52 9 ways to deploy baby money soldiers

06:36 NASDAQ vs. Crypto – Are either safe?

09:36 Deploying baby money soldiers into whole life insurance

13:26 Giving back to society and making a social impact

16:00 Jake’s way of deploying his baby money soldiers

18:19 Rules to follow with your baby money soldiers

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The contents of this video are for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be considered investment, financial, legal or tax advice. Jake and Gino are not licensed in the insurance or securities industries and is not in the business of selling, soliciting or negotiating the sale of any insurance contract, security or other investment vehicle.

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