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Index Universal Life (IUL) vs. Specially-Designed Whole Life

In this episode, Jake and Gino talk with John Shedenhelm, a 100 Year REI Professional. John is the CEO of Eagle Financial Solutions and has been in financial services for over 30 years. He co-authored ‘The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security’ with Pamela Yellen, who founded Bank On Yourself. John, Jake and Gino discuss the benefits of a specially-designed Whole Life Policy versus an Index Universal Life Policy as it pertains to Real Estate Investing and the Dual Asset Strategy.

Only a specially-designed Whole Life Policy can guarantee the following*, where an IUL cannot:

  •  Whole Life Policies have more flexibility with contribution or premium paying options than an IUL. The full IUL premium must be paid every year.
  • Our specially-designed Whole Life Policies can provide greater liquidity than IULs, especially early on. This is very important to real estate investors.

    •  IUL illustrations show rosy linear positive returns, for example, 6% every single year without any down years. Have you ever known Wall Street to really work that way? For this reason, you have no ability of knowing how much cash value will be available for your real estate investing reserves.

    •  Your specially-designed Whole Life Policy has stronger guarantees and is a safer cash management tool for your CapX or “rainy day” funds than betting on the performance of an IUL.

    •  With an IUL, the insurance company has all of the control over the rules. The provisions for returns, premiums, cap rates, costs and fees can all be changed at their discretion. Would you play a game with someone who can change the rules to their benefit, at any time?

    • Who is really in control of your asset? You or the insurance company? With our specially-designed Whole Life Policies, you know the rules of the game. Your cost of insurance is level throughout the life of your policy. You know the minimum amount of cash value in your future at all times.

    Hear the full podcast to learn more.

Let us show you how a specially-designed policy by our team can work for you. Start the process now! Schedule a call directly with our team to get started today: https://100yearrei.com/callnow/

* All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Excess policy loans can result in termination of a policy. A policy that lapses or is surrendered can potentially result in tax consequences.

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