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Jamil Damji: How He Made Millions with Real Estate Wholesaling after Leaving Med School

In this inspiring interview, Jamil Damji shares his remarkable journey from a medical school dropout to a successful real estate entrepreneur. Growing up with immigrant parents in Canada, Jamil was expected to pursue a traditional W2 job, but his passion for entrepreneurship led him down a different path. Jamil discusses his first real estate deal and the valuable lessons he learned, as well as the challenges he faced during the 2008 housing crash. He also shares his experience in building a successful real estate wholesaling business and the decision to franchise it as The Wholesale Genie. Don’t miss this incredible story of determination and resilience.

Contact Jamil
Youtube: @jamildamji
IG: @jdamji
A&E – Saturdays @ 10am – flipping houses on Triple Digit Flip

00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Guest Intro
00:50 – Jamil Damji’s Background and Start
07:35 – What Did Jamil’s Parents Think About His Career Decisions?
09:35 – How Did Not Getting Into Medical School Effect Jamil Damji?
12:03 – After his First Real Estate Deal – What were the Next Steps for Jamil Damji?
16:19 – How Did Jamil Deal with Rejection While Cold Calling People?
17:52 – After Ruining Everything, What was Jamil’s Next Step?
20:02 – Jamil Damji Realizes Comedy Isn’t Paying the Bills
27:28 – What Makes a Successfull Wholeseller?
30:38 – When Did Jamil Realize he was Building a Business with “The Wholesale Genie”?
33:36 – How Has Wholeselling Changed since Jamil Started?
38:22 – What Mistakes Are Wholesellers Making These Days?
41:30 – Best Tip For Scaling A Business
43:30 – Jamil Damji’s Best Habit For Success
44:58 – Book Reccomendations
48:50 – Get ahold of Jamil Damji
49:52 – Wrap Up

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