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Learn How To Scale Your Business w/ Leila and Alex Hormozi

On this episode, Jake and Gino interview Leila and Alex Hormozi. Alex and Leila, both are first generation Iranian-American entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists.

In 2013, Alex started his first brick and mortar business. Within three years, he successfully scaled his business to six locations. He is known for his expertise in customer acquisition and monetization.

In 2015, Leila moved to Orange County, California to start a career in fitness. Within a year of moving, she was the top selling personal trainer within the region, and kept that status for the remainder of her tenure. Within a year, she met Alex, and accompanied him on his 4th turnaround, and each turnaround thereafter. From there on, the two were inseparable. 

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction

02:08 Working with your spouse

09:00 Winning/losing in fix and flip business

16:40 Defining moments and principles

20:26 Enhancing offer

27:05 How money is denomination of time?

32:23 Tips to scale-up

40:32 It takes time to build a brand

44:12 Recommended books

47:15 Wrap-up

To know more about the couple’s initiatives, visit https://www.acquisition.com/ 

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