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Mastering Business Success: Key Insights and 7 Essential Steps with Jake and Gino

Join Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro as they dive deep into the 7 essentials or inflection points of building a successful business in this episode. They discuss the concept of multiples and movers and the necessity of having a solid foundation before expanding your business.

Sharing their own experiences and insights, Jake and Gino stress the importance of robust systems for efficient business operations. They also invite you to join the Jake and Gino online community, an invaluable resource for multifamily entrepreneurs. Tune in as Gino urges listeners to reflect on their journey, understand their motivations, and strategize their next steps.

Lastly, they highlight the power of long-term thinking and reverse engineering your goals for optimal success. Don’t miss out on these key insights and more!

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Breaking Down the 7 Levels of Starting A Business with Gino Barbaro
01:42 – Inflection Points
02:19 – 1. Epiphany
02:20 – Gino’s Epiphany Moment
03:06 – Jakes Epiphany Moment
07:34 – 2. Education
11:07 – Books and Speakers Jake and Gino Listened to
14:55 – 3. Action
17:42 – 4. First Deal
20:00 – 5. Momentum
24:19 – Jake Recounts Their Deals
28:20 – 6. Hire
29:14 – Jake Gives Tips on How and When to Hire
32:34 – 7. Scale
33:22 – Jake & Gino’s Core Values
36:02 – Wrap Up

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