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Mastering Cost Reduction & Scaling Businesses An Insightful Conversation with Aaron Stahl

In this episode of The Jake and Gino Show, hosts Jake and Gino discuss cost reduction and business scaling with Aaron Stahl, CEO of Cost Analysts Enterprises Inc.

In this episode of “WheelBarrow Profits,” hosts Jake and Gino discuss cost reduction and business scaling with Aaron Stahl, CEO of Cost Analysts Enterprises Inc. Aaron shares his transition from real estate and construction to cost reduction, the growth of his company to over 40 franchises, and his innovative approach to employee benefits that has significantly improved employee retention.

The conversation delves into the power of delegation, awareness in business growth, and the importance of living in the present moment, with Aaron recommending the book ‘The Power of Now.’ As the podcast wraps up, Aaron expresses his excitement about integrating AI into his company, likening the current AI scene to the internet boom of 1998. Reach out to Aaron’s team at costanalyst.com for assistance with cost reduction and tune into this episode for invaluable insights on business growth and employee satisfaction.

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Aaron Stahl’s Background
02:54 – Where did the Idea for Cost Reduction Come From?
04:04 – Jake Talks about Current Systems in Place and asks for Aaron’s Advice
05:57 – The Value of Cost Reduction in the Real World
07:03 – How Does Cost Reduction Work?
08:40 – What are some Objections Aaron Hears from Potential Clients?
10:35 – Aaron’s Contact Info
11:00 – What Area’s Aaron Focuses on for Cost Reduction
11:53 – Aaron’s Experience with Franchising and The Decision to do so..
13:05 – What Have Been the Challenges of Scaling Under the Franchise Model?
14:35 – Benefits of the Franchise Model
15:59 – Aaron’s Sabbatical and the Story of Scaling His Business
18:34 – People Systems and Culture – Hiring to Retain a Culture
20:26 – Mistakes Aaron Stahl has Made Scaling his Company
22:00 – Gino Shares Jake and Gino’s Mistakes
25:43 – Aaron’s Tips on Scaling
27:19 – Aaron Stahl’s Recent Reads
29:11 – Take the Next Step with Aaron Stahl
29:39 – The Future for Aaron Stahl
30:25 – Wrap Up

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