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MFZ – Looking To The Past To Strengthen The Future Of Your Relationship

In this week’s episode, Julia & Gino are interviewed by their niece Emily & their daughter Gabriella. At first, I was unsure of where these questions were going to take us? Would I sound stupid? Did I really know my spouse? Were some of the questions going to make me feel uncomfortable?

The girls did a terrific job asking questions about our relationship, our strengths & weaknesses, who was a better cook (tough one), and questions that made us really think about our past and how we have grown since getting married.

Emily summed it up perfectly at the end by stating that what she learned was that we grew in our marriage and relationship since tying the knot over twenty years ago. Our lives have become more intertwined and so have our experiences, and that we are learning more and more about ourselves every day. To me, that is what makes a successful marriage, one that the spouses continue to grow closer together.

I want to thank the girls for making me realize how lucky I am and how much I love my wife and my family! It made me think of the gratitude that I need to express and to enjoy every day that I have with my family. It also made me realize that we all need to set goals for our relationships and revisit those goals together to continue to grow.

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