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MFZ – Takeaways: the Greatest Salesman in the World

Welcome to the Multi-FAMILY zone podcast, where business meets family. The hosts of the show, Julia and Gino Barbaro, have been married for over twenty years, and have six children.

Julia homeschools the children, and recently became a marriage and life coach to help couples become better communicators and help enrich their lives.  The couple is constantly asked about how they balance their entrepreneurial and real estate journey while raising their kids. The Multi-FAMILY zone was created to address these questions, along with a host of questions from the Jake and Gino community.

In this episode, Julia & Gino share their main takeaways from the Greatest Salesman in the World.  The book is a beautifully written parable with advice to improve your life.  The author has laid out the advice and shared his words of wisdom through ten ancient scrolls.

#1: Today begins a new life. He is reborn. Read the scroll for 30 days before moving on and implement teachings. Create new empowering habits, and the reading has become a habit.. Take the messages seriously even if they are simple.

#2: Greet the day with love in your heart. Look on all things with love, the sunset. Laud your enemies and encourage your friends. Love yourself. Don’t allow your heart to become bitter. With this one skill, I will become the greatest salesman.

#3: Persist until I succeed.  Each day is one blow against a mighty oak. Keep chopping away. Remove words such as quit, impossible, unable, cannot, hopeless, retreat. Each obstacle is a detour. Greatest principle “If I persist long enough, I will win.

#4: I am nature’s greatest miracle. No one else is like me, or has my gifts. I am unique. I was brought forth with a purpose. Focus on work at work and home at home. I have unlimited potential, but I need to work and get better. Showcase my uniqueness. I was conceived in love and brought forth for a purpose.

#5: Live this day as my last. Enjoy the beauty, don’t remember yesterday or worry about tomorrow. Yesterday is buried forever, forget it. Procrastination I will destroy with action.

If it is my last day, it will be my greatest monument. I will make more calls, sell more goods.  And if it isn’t my last day, I will fall on my knees and give thanks

#6: Master of my emotions. “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions. Stong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.

Sing if depressed, laugh if sad, work hard if you are afraid, think of past success if you feel like a loser.
Also, think of the prospects mood and emotions. Don’t judge a person on one meeting
I will become a master of myself and my destiny.

#7: I will laugh at the world. Laughter puts everything into perspective. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Only with laughter and happiness can you become a success.

#8: Today I will multiply my value a hundred fold. Set goals for my life. Plan. Focus on yourself and not others. Don’t compare your results with others. You are competing with yourself. Be humble, continue to grow and learn.

#9: Take action. Everything else is useless unless you take action. Action is the food and drink which will nourish my success. Repeat “I will act now, I will act now, I will act now!” Say them before you go out, when you hit a road bump, Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy. Success will not wait, if I wait she will seek out another. This is the time, this is the place, I am the person!

 #10: Pray, ask for guidance.Don’t pray for material things, pray for guidance, to be shown the way to acquire things and opportunities.

Let me become all you planned for me when my seed was planted and selected by you to sprout in the vineyard of the world. Help this humble salesman. Guide me God!!

The advice may appear to be simple, but implementing it will yield an abundant life!

Questions or comments? Email us at juliabarbaro@gmail.com

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