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Opportunities in Self Storage Investing W/ Kris Benson

“Some men see things as they are and ask WHY? I dream things that never were and ask, WHY NOT?” – Robert Kennedy 

On this episode, Jake and Gino talk with Kris Benson. Kris is a managing principle at Reliant Investments, a subsidiary of Reliant Real Estate Management, a top 30 operator in the self-storage space. Kris oversees investor relations and equity contributions for Reliant’s portfolio expansions.

Kris shares how he left his job and started with his real estate business eventually getting into self-storage real estate. While listening to a podcast, he was struck by the words: Risk is the tariff paid to leave the shores of predictable misery. Kris’ risks have paid off as he has charted his own course while building Reliant into an institutional quality investment platform.

The key takeaways from the Podcast include the following:

  • To raise capital, you need to have a track record and credibility to pitch investors. But what if you have just started. Check out what Kris advises.
  • There is always something that can hold you back from making a deal, there is no perfect time to get started with real estate investing.
  • Growth mindset doesn’t look for problems, it looks for solutions. It looks opportunities in problems.
  • Big money is not in buying and selling, but buying and waiting. That’s how wealthy people think about real estate investing.

Listen to the podcast to enhance your know how on real estate investing.

Learn more about Reliant Investments: https://reliant-mgmt.com/

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