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So How Do I Parent This Child With Bill Hendricks and Bev Hendricks

On this episode, Julia and Gino Barbaro interview brother and sister duo Bill Hendricks and Bev Hendricks who have co-authored “So How Do I Parent This Child”.

The book takes you through all the stages of child rearing—from diapers to driver’s licenses to diplomas—to give you a comprehensive look at how identifying giftedness and helping your children discover it for themselves makes all the difference.

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction

04:20 True purpose of parenting

10:00 What’s the best way to support kids

13:52 Be curious not critical

14:14 The child is not a product, he/she is a person

16:50 Discovering the Wisdom and the Wonder of Who Your Child Was Meant to Be

20:48 Be present, be curios and observe

24:48 How to discover the patterns

28:12 When it becomes too late

31:56 Blaming parents

33:28 So How Do I Parent This Child

34:04 Reading your child

36:03 Living on purpose, for purpose

38:10 Gino’s vision for his daughter

Listen to the podcast to hone your parenting skills and discover how transformational it can be for both you and your children.

Check out the book “So How Do I Parent This Child” on Amazon: https://amz.run/4xpH

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