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19 June 2024

Three Types of Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) in Multifamily

Capital expenditures, or capex, are a crucial aspect of multifamily real estate investing. Understanding how to allocate your capex budget effectively can significantly impact your property’s value, rental income, and overall success. This article explores the three main categories of capex and how to approach them strategically. 1. Value Creation CapEx This category focuses on […]

15 June 2024

The Performance Paradox: How to Develop the Growth Mindset and Unleash Your Potential

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? You work hard, you know your stuff, but progress feels frustratingly slow. This experience is common, but what if the answer lies not in working harder, but in working differently? Enter the concept of the Learning Zone, a powerful framework for growth that can be applied to […]

5 June 2024

From Healing to Homes: How a Nurse Built a 158 Door Real Estate Empire

Zoe Nukem wasn’t your typical real estate mogul. She ditched the scrubs for a tool belt, transitioning from the fast-paced world of nursing into the steady, strategic game of multifamily real estate. But Zoe’s story isn’t just about career leaps; it’s about resilience, resourcefulness, and a deep desire to build a future on her own […]

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