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21 March 2024

The Strategic Path to Becoming a General Partner in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Embarking on the journey to become a general partner (GP) in multifamily real estate investing is an endeavor that promises not just financial rewards but also the opportunity to play a pivotal role in the success of property investments. This article outlines a strategic approach for aspiring investors to transition from novices to influential GPs […]

14 March 2024

Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money – Ken Honda [Book Review]

In a world often dominated by financial stress and anxiety, Ken Honda’s Happy Money : The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money, stands as a beacon of hope and positivity. I had the privilege recently to interview Ken Honda about his book and his lengthy career as a money expert, and I am […]

28 January 2024

Unveiling the Natural Laws of Monetary Policy: A Glimpse into “The Creature from Jekyll Island” with G. Edward Griffin

In the complex world of monetary policy and financial systems, G. Edward Griffin’s seminal work, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” brings to light a set of natural laws that dissect the intricate dynamics shaping our economic landscape. This article aims to delve into a few key natural laws outlined by Griffin, shedding light on their […]

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